Drummer Girl

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Lately, i've been impressed with someone
i've seen her video on youtube over and over
wanna why ?
cause she is a drummer girl, guys
well, maybe a girl to be a drummer is just normal
but she is not just an ordinary drummer, you know
she has a great skill and power for a girl like her
and this is the first video when i saw her

see ???
she is not just that ordinary drummer girl, right ???
if you're still doubting her
then i'll convince you by showing you another videos of her

still doubting ???
i don't think so, hehe
i've been impressed since the first time i saw her
hope you too guys :)

FYI : her name is Katie Cole
and now she has become a drummer for a band called Where Are You Houston
they're going to studio for recording on this early 2010
can't wait to hear their songs :)

Click here to see her videos on youtube
Click here to check out her band on myspace

"Bood News"

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hohohoho, *sounds like Santa
I bet you're all wondering what is the meaning of "Bood"
well,actually i just wanna say :

"When there's a bad news, there's a good news comes along"
*my own opinion, hehe

So, to make it short i combine the two words
"Bad and Good = Bood"
inspired by Mean Girls movie
where lindsay lohan says "Grool", instead of "Great and Cool"

anyway,enough with the explanation
let's straight to the point
the news i wanna tell is about Paramore, *of course, hehe
but first thing first, i am confuse which one i'm going to tell you first

so i decided to tell you the bad news first
have you read my last post "Support Your Idol, Please !" ?
if you haven't, then read it now ! hehe
you know that Paramore was nominated for "the best of '09" on Fuse.tv
in my last post,i told you that Paramore was battling with Linkin Park
and They WON ! *thanks for voting
it meant that Paramore went to the next round, right ?
so in the next round They were battling with Papa Roach
at the beginning,i was sure that Paramore would easily win over them


i still can not believe it, guys
last year Paramore reached the final round
and i hoped this years too
i've done my best to support them
but this years Paramore only reached semi final round
that's too bad right ?
well, i've done my best
even though Paramore lose, I'm still their Biggest Fans Ever :)

so, like i said
when there's a bad news, there's a good news comes along
and now it's time for the good news :

"Paramore's New Video "Brick By Boring Brick" has been released today"

finally, i've been waiting this video for the last two weeks
*if i'm not mistaken, hehe
and of course, i love it at the first sight !
Hayley looks so beautiful in the video with her blond hair :)
especially when Hayley dances at 1:27
maybe it's hard for you to imagine
soooo, i'm going to upload it here
yaayyy !
i think that's the good news from me, hehe
let's make haste and watch it guys
i hope you love it too

ladies and gentleman, please welcome the new video from Paramore
"Brick By Boring Brick" :

that's all the news from me
hope you enjoy it guys
see you on my next post :)
Rock On \m/

PS : Sorry, if my English is bad, hehe, i'm just trying to write in English
*inspired by Poe

Support Your Idol, Please !

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well, actually it is "support my idol, please !" :)
tapi pasti di antara kalian ada juga deh yg suka sama idola saya, hehehe
buat yang belum tau sapa mereka, let me introduce them
here they are, the one and only :

yup, mereka adalah Paramore, sebuah band beraliran power pop asal Franklin, Tennessee
FYI : i'm their biggest fans since 2006, *thanks to my friend poe
and because of me, now my girlfriend adores them too, hehe *luv u honey
sampai saat ini, mereka uda ngeluarin 3 album

All We Know Is Falling (2005)

Riot ! (2007)

The lattest album - Brand New Eyes (2009)

biar lebih mantep lagi
kita liat langsung aja aksinya di salah satu video mereka "That's What You Get"
this is my favorite one :

hoho, they're so raaawwkk, right guys ? :)
buat yang langsung suka, cendolnya ya gan
*berasa d situs lain, wkwkwk

segitu dulu aja info soal Paramore, sekarang kita kembali ke topik ! hehe
maksud saya ngpost kali ini adalah vote for Paramore, please
sekarang mereka lagi bertanding di fuse.tv untuk The best video of 2009
jadi, ajang perhargaan tahunan ini pake sistem turnamen

FYI : Tahun kemarin Paramore juga ikutan ajang penghargaan tahunan ini
dan mereka bisa sampai partai final walaupun akhirnya cuma jadi runner-up
they were lost against Britney Spears !

well, the past is the past
, jadi kita lupakan saja tahun kemarin
buat tahun ini video mereka "ignorance" dijadikan andalan dalam The best video of 2009
sampai saat ini mereka uda sampai round 3 versus linkin park - new divide
so, please vote for them guys
especially for you who adore
Paramore too
i need your support and
Paramore needs your support !
let's make
Paramore to be the best in 2009 !
Rock on !

go to this link to vote :

you can vote as much as you like everyday