Drummer Girl

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Lately, i've been impressed with someone
i've seen her video on youtube over and over
wanna why ?
cause she is a drummer girl, guys
well, maybe a girl to be a drummer is just normal
but she is not just an ordinary drummer, you know
she has a great skill and power for a girl like her
and this is the first video when i saw her

see ???
she is not just that ordinary drummer girl, right ???
if you're still doubting her
then i'll convince you by showing you another videos of her

still doubting ???
i don't think so, hehe
i've been impressed since the first time i saw her
hope you too guys :)

FYI : her name is Katie Cole
and now she has become a drummer for a band called Where Are You Houston
they're going to studio for recording on this early 2010
can't wait to hear their songs :)

Click here to see her videos on youtube
Click here to check out her band on myspace

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